Monday, June 23, 2014

Blue Jay Perched in Colorado Blue Spruce Canvas Wrap

                                      Available on our Deluxephotos Zazzle Store
This canvas wrap features a pretty blue jay perched in a Colorado Blue Spruce tree.  He has a sparkle in his eye as he is high up in older blue spruce focusing on something in the pine needles. The image enhances the blue appearance of the blue jay on the needles while capturing the blue clear skies in the background. The bright lighting from the sun brings out a lighter shade of a blue silvery coloring. A Michigan Blue Beauty capture. Buy as is or tweak it to make it your own. Great find for the collector who loves and appreciates this bird. Be Smart - Save Money - Shop Online. Contact me if you would like this photo and/or any other photos on a different item. Stop by again - store is growing (restocked daily).  Deluxephotos Photography quote "strike a pose + capture a moment = priceless".

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