Monday, June 23, 2014

Michigan Red-Tailed Hawk Wood Canvas on Deluxephotos Zazzle Store 15% Off

Michigan Red-Tailed Hawk with Road Kill Squirrel

This wood canvas wrap features a proud Michigan Red-Tailed Hawk who was caught dragging around a road kill squirrel. He stops for a pose as he stares into the camera guarding his meal with pride. The photo captures a nice side view of his body as his head is turned focusing in on his gaze showing off his hazel eyes. Quite a beauty within five feet apart. Nice add for a collector. Buy this wood canvas as is or tweak it to make it your own. 

Be Smart - Save Money - Shop Online. Contact me if you would like this photo and/or any other photos on a different item. Stop by again - store is growing (restocked daily). Deluxephotos Photography quote "strike a pose + capture a moment = priceless".  

Cool this product qualifies 15% off at zazzle - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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