Friday, July 4, 2014

Turtle Collage Mouse pad on Deluxephotos

This mouse pad captures a few turtles in a collage enhancing a cool close up of a female common snapper who came out on a sunny June day to lay her eggs.  Add this cute turtle collage to your office/home decor - your mouse will love it.  You can change the style, color or add text.  Deluxephotos photography "strike a pose + capture a pose =priceless."  Available @ Deluxephotos.


Decorate your desk with your favorite image or choose from thousands of designs that look great and protect your mouse from scratches and debris.

    Size 9.25" x 7.75"
    Perfect for any desk or work space
    Quality, full-color printing
    Durable cloth cover is dust and stain resistant
    Non-slip backing


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